Jul 17


So, now that I have my degree, all I need to do is compile my portfolio and go job hunting. Sounds easy, right?

I've been finding a few ways to pass the time that don't actually include looking at the websites I've been asked to do. I blame being home alone for that.

MacPorts & Wine

Last Saturday, I got a complaint from my partner: "Why can't Macs run Windows programs?!"

Coming from a Linux background, I knew that Wine did a pretty good job of running the video games that he was after. All I needed to do was work out how to compile and run Wine on a Mac.

Turns out there's an unofficial open-source package manager for Mac called MacPorts. It was just a matter of installing it and then running:

port install wine

Turns out that there was 2.8Gb of pre-requisite packages to install. The games installed just fine and now my partner's family can happily play Age of Empires II and Plants vs Zombies on their Mac. :-)

French Onion Soup

Last week, my local band, Moonee Valley Brass, held a BBQ at our local hardware store. There were a few onions left over so I took a couple of them home. One of the girls at the BBQ suggested that we make French Onion Soup with them, so I took them up on that.

Following the recipe from taste.com.au, I set to work. There's not much to it: soften and caramelize some onions, add stock and reduce. I added some herbs for flavour although I didn't really need to.

It didn't take long to make, less than an hour, and now I have another recipe that I can make when I need a quick meal or preparing lunches for the next day.

OK, I'm off to eat my freshly made French Onion Soup, while playing PvZ :) .

Until next time,
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