Jan 22

Evidence of a lack of TDD

As I was registering my Myki for auto top-up, I noticed something amiss in my statement (see below).

My journey for the day was I got on the bus (Zone 1), took it to Coburg Station (Z1), got to work near South Yarra Station (Z1). Then at the end of the day I took the train back to Coburg Station and walked home instead of taking the bus.

Overcharged Statement

Guess none of the Myki programmers were as talented as I

Myki mistakenly thought I was in Zone 1/2 on the bus even though both stops are clearly not in the Zone 1/2 overlap (see below) but it did charge me the correct fare of $2.42 for Zone 2 (the cheapest fare).

When I touched off at South Yarra, instead of charging me $1.08 to bring my total up to $3.50 for Zone 1, it charged me $3.50 to bring my total up to $5.92 for a 2-hour Zone 1/2 ticket.

Bus Stop Information

Both stops are clearly in Zone 1, but on the off chance that the buses GPS was a little (4.5km) off, the fare was STILL wrong.

Myki has overcharged me $2.42 and I intend to get my money back.

I've found another guy complaining that myki overcharged him a while ago but his problem seems to have been fixed. Hopefully complaining to them might fix another problem with this system.

I've asked for a key to the bike locker at work, maybe I'll just ride to work every day, it'll be quicker than public transport anyway.

Oh yeah, I have a job now. :D

Till next time,
return 1;

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