Jul 30

Coke is not the worst drink in the world!

I was reading a Susie O'Brien article this morning, and while I don't normally agree with her, this article was particularly bad.

Coca-Cola is doing nothing to address the fact that its biggest seller - full-strength Coke - has 10 teaspoons of sugar in every can.

It may be the "real thing" but it's also really bad for you.

A 375ml can of Coke has 40g of sugar - that's nearly half the recommended daily intake of sugar in only one drink.

Susie never says anything incorrect in the article, but she vilifies Coca-Cola for having an unhealthy drink (well, 470 'unhealthy' product lines) but neglects to include that some popular alternatives are just as unhealthy.

(per 100mL)
Coke Orange Juice Full Cream Milk
Energy 180kJ 188kJ 281kJ
Fat (total) 0g 0.2g 3.8g
(saturated) 0g 0g 2.5g
Carbohydrates (total) 10.6g 10.0g 4.9g
(sugar) 10.6g 8.0g 4.9g

So by quickly looking at the three categories that Susie used to argue that Coke is bad (energy, fat and sugar levels), Coke is actually better than the two completely natural alternatives in energy and total fat content. Even in sugar, Coke isn't that far ahead of Orange Juice (0.6g!!) and I wasn't even aware that Milk had that much sugar in it.

I drink quite a bit of Pepsi, and I register on the scales around the 65kg mark. Coke doesn't make people fat, lifestyle does. People can eat anything they like, provided that they have the lifestyle to use the nutrients they take in.

It's a bit like the McDonald's salad menu. The salads are just there to make them feel good about offering healthy choices, but hardly anyone buys them.

As a final note; I happen to quite like the salads at McDonalds, at least when they have ALL the ingredients in them and they don't get stingy on the cucumbers.

OK, back to work :)

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